Classes about birds

The following UConn courses focus on birds and bird biology.

EEB 4260 Ornithology (every spring semester) is a fairly large lecture course that focuses on the basics of bird biology.

EEB 4261 Ornithology lab (every spring semester) is a lab-based course with many field trips. Space is very limited, so students should plan ahead to ensure they can fit it into their schedule.

EEB 4262 Field methods in ornithology (summer session) is a field-based course that goes into greater depth on ornithological methods than the basic lab course. Space is limited.

Independent studies to gain research experience or a more in-depth understanding of avian biology are available with Margaret Rubega, Chris Elphick, and Morgan Tingley. If you are interested be sure to first check out their individual web pages to learn about the work that they do, then contact whoever seems most well suited to your interests. Be sure to provide some information about yourself – why you are interested in their work, what training (formal and informal) you already have in ornithology, what you hope to get out an independent study, etc. Note that opportunities are limited and depend on the space available in a given lab.

Internships (including summer positions) can also allow students interested in birds to get academic credit for conducting ornithological work. To do this, you will need to find both a suitable internship outside the university and a faculty member willing to supervise the internship. Then, you should sign up for EEB 3891 (Internship in Ecology, Conservation, or Evolutionary Biology) and work with your faculty supervisor to complete the EEB internship contract, which can be found here. Again, note that opportunities are limited and depend on the faculty members’ availability.