This is the web page for all things relating to birds at UConn. If you are looking for information on people studying birds, classes about birds, or just places to go birding, this should be the place to look. If you are a student, then we'd encourage you to join the UConn Birding Club. Information about the club and its activities can be found on Facebook here.

For questions/comments about the site, contact Chris Elphick.

Birds seen nearby

For a list of recent sightings in Tolland County.

For a list of species seen in the county, and when to see them.

For the latest bird sightings in CT and nearby states.

For information on population trends of CT birds.

Upcoming UConn Events

  1. 3/30 EEB Ph.D. Defense: Henry Frye (UConn EEB)
  2. 3/30 Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Henry Frye
  3. 3/30 Carl Wennerlind: "Scarcity: A History from the Origins of Capitalism to the Climate Crisis"
  4. 3/30 EEB Seminar: Lisa Taylor (University of Florida)
  5. 4/5 More than Scenery: Yellowstone, an American Love Story with Janet L. Pritchard